We offer the most exquisite variety of Mediterranean cuisine you can find in Cambrils. Maset specializes in fresh bay fish, paellas, meats or tapas.


Cream of fish soup
Cream of fish soup$20.00
Green Salad
Green Salad$20.00
Salad with goat cheese
Salad with goat cheese$20.00
Pasta salad
Pasta salad$20.00
Endive Roquefort
Endive Roquefort$20.00
Iberic Ham
Iberic Ham$20.00
Asparagus with mayonnaise
Asparagus with mayonnaise$20.00
Melon with ham
Melon with ham$20.00
Pineapple with ham
Pineapple with ham$20.00
Pepper codfish
Pepper codfish$20.00
Fried potatoes
Fried potatoes$20.00


Carpaccio of octopus
Carpaccio of octopus$20.00
Carpaccio of codfish
Carpaccio of codfish$20.00
Carpaccio of prawns
Carpaccio of prawns$20.00
Carpaccio of tuna
Carpaccio of tuna$20.00
Anchovies in vinaigre
Anchovies in vinaigre$20.00


Entecôte in roquefort sauce
Entecôte in roquefort sauce$20.00
Entrecôte in green pepper sauce
Entrecôte in green pepper sauce$20.00
Entecôte with garnish
Entecôte with garnish$20.00
Steak with garnish
Steak with garnish$20.00
Steak with foie
Steak with foie$20.00
Lam chops with garnish
Lam chops with garnish$20.00
Bistec (steak) with garnish
Bistec (steak) with garnish$20.00
Pork loin with garnish
Pork loin with garnish$20.00
1/2 Chicken with garnish
1/2 Chicken with garnish$20.00
Shish kebab with garnish
Shish kebab with garnish$20.00
Escalope with garnish
Escalope with garnish$20.00
Hamburguer with garnish
Hamburguer with garnish$20.00

Fish and seefood

Marine clams fisherman's style
Marine clams fisherman's style$20.00
Razor shelles
Razor shelles$20.00
Salted prawns
Salted prawns$20.00
Stamed mussels
Stamed mussels$20.00
Mussels mariniere
Mussels mariniere$20.00
Grilled sardines
Grilled sardines$20.00
Red prawns in garlic
Red prawns in garlic$20.00
Grilled small octopus
Grilled small octopus$20.00
Small squid in batter
Small squid in batter$20.00
Grilled baby squid
Grilled baby squid$20.00
Sea snails
Sea snails$20.00
Squid a la romaine
Squid a la romaine$20.00
Fried small fish
Fried small fish$20.00
Grilled cuttlefish
Grilled cuttlefish$20.00
Grilled prawns
Grilled prawns$20.00
Grilled scampi
Grilled scampi$20.00
Grilled lobster
Grilled lobster$20.00
6 Oysters
6 Oysters$20.00
Grilled sea bass
Grilled sea bass$20.00
Grilled sea bream
Grilled sea bream$20.00
Sole meunière
Sole meunière$20.00
Grilled sole
Grilled sole$20.00
Grilled hake
Grilled hake$20.00
Hake a la marinière
Hake a la marinière$20.00
Grilled anglerfish
Grilled anglerfish$20.00
Anglerfish a la marinière
Anglerfish a la marinière$20.00
Mixed fish grill
Mixed fish grill$20.00
Mixed fish platter
Mixed fish platter$20.00
Grilled turbot
Grilled turbot$20.00
Zarzuela fish and seafood casserole
Zarzuela fish and seafood casserole$20.00
Seafood house
Seafood house$20.00
Galicien octopus
Galicien octopus$20.00
Caldoso rice with lobster
Caldoso rice with lobster$20.00
Black rice
Black rice$20.00
Seafood paella
Seafood paella$20.00
Fideua (sautéed noodles in fish broth)
Fideua (sautéed noodles in fish broth)$20.00

Tapas and combined plates

Fried choco
Fried choco$20.00
Hake with potatoes
Hake with potatoes$20.00
Mini croquetes of ham
Mini croquetes of ham$20.00
Cod fritters
Cod fritters$20.00
Manchego cheese
Manchego cheese$20.00
Brave potatoes
Brave potatoes$20.00
Neapolitan spaghetti
Neapolitan spaghetti$20.00
1/4 chicken with egg and potatoes
1/4 chicken with egg and potatoes$20.00
1/2 chicken with salad and potatoes
1/2 chicken with salad and potatoes$20.00
Frankfurt with potatoes
Frankfurt with potatoes$20.00
Frankfurt with egg, potatoes and salad
Frankfurt with egg, potatoes and salad$20.00
Loin with egg, potatoes and salad
Loin with egg, potatoes and salad$20.00
Nuggets with potatoes
Nuggets with potatoes$20.00
Escalope with spaguetti
Escalope with spaguetti$20.00
Grilled chicken with potatoes and salad
Grilled chicken with potatoes and salad$20.00

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